Acne Scar and Stretch Marks Treatment

Scar Treatment: Scar revision, Open pores, Stretch marks, Acne scar treatment

Beautiful and glowing skin is every woman's dream. But, not all are blessed with the same. Our skin tends to get affected by factors like stress, chaotic lifestyles and increasing levels of environmental pollution. The result is dull, dry, dehydrated skin with reduced elasticity. There are many procedures available today that help rejuvenate the skin and also correct the texture and overall beauty. The most popular and rewarding therapies available to treat scars.

Scars like open pores,leftover acne marks,stretch marks can make your skin look ugly,Get rid of them by various effective treatment that we use at Dr. Ruby's Afterglow. Scar revision and rejuvenation with Derma Roller and Stem Cell infusion and Microderma abrasion treatment shows effective result by reducing scars permanently. The Dermaroller, stem cell infusion and microderma abrasion therapies use an effective method for renewing the skin. It helps in scar revision and rejuvenation of the skin from deep within. Dermarollers are small devices that work on the upper skin layer and boost collagen production. Stem cell infusion use body's own cell to bring back the glow on your skin and Microderma therapy uses the skin lightning procedure by peeling of the upper layer of the skin. At the first consultation, your dermatologist will look at your face and complexion in order to assess which treatment is appropriate for you.