Botx Treatment

Botulinum toxin, also known as botulinum toxin type A, used to tread medical conditions is known for over a century now. It blocks neural activity in muscles and create a temporary paralysis or a reduction in muscle activity. Clinically, the drug is being used for over 50 years now to treat disorders like "lazy eye" (strabismus), blepharospasm (an inability or restriction in the movement of eyelids), and "wry neck" (cervical dystonia). In 2002, after the drug got a global approval, it can now be used in the treatment of "frown lines" removal. The skin in the glabella region i.e. the area between the eyes and the forehead may get arranged in "folds" and thus make the person look like he or she is angry and/or frowning. The drug is used to relax the skin muscles so the folds can disappear and make the face look normal.

Moreover, if you develop "crows" feet, worry lines, frown lines, masseters, tera trufts, or nasolabial folds botx fillers are best recommended to treat the condition. The drug is administered by injecting subcutaneously and paralysing the underlying muscles to reduce the muscle spasm so the skin can relax and the lines can disappear. Even wrinkles can be removed from the face and make you look younger.