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Best Hair Transplant Surgery in Mumbai

Beautiful hair is the pride and joy of everybody. Sometimes, due to unavoidable situations, we may lose our hair, making us feel insecure. We, at Afterglow, understand the necessity of hair. This gives us the determination to provide our clients with one of the best hair transplant surgery in Mumbai through our highly skilled team and latest technological systems. Furthermore, we have Dr. Makani, who has given form to his own machine for FUE to make the process of extraction and implantation of grafts easier, faster with amazing results. Hence we are a step ahead than all the other treatments out there.

FUE Hair Transplant

As respected surgeons in the field, it is important to describe what our product stands for and what quality materials we use in our procedure for proper hair transplant in Mumbai. We give you complete insights into the mode of treatment during our consulting sessions. It is important to know what FUE really is:

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is the latest success in the field of hair transplanting. This particular treatment is the fastest way to grow a thick layer of hair on the head in areas which are balding quickly or are already bald. In this process, the extraction of follicular units is done in the donor area with the usage of a scalpel having a diameter of about 1 millimetre and are pushed into the recipient area. Firstly, local anaesthesia may be to numb the region. Then, under its influence. Small micro blades, or fine needles are used for the ease of receiving the hair grafts which are then placed consistently and quickly, in a pattern that will mimic a rather realistic hair pattern. This is the final part that is done after the insertion of the hair grafts.

For FUE hair transplant in Mumbai city, Afterglow Advanced Clinic has definitely become by far the most popular choice in the city. This is because of the procedures used, which is advanced and updated, compared to other clinics in the city along with experienced consulting keeping the patient first. The experienced team of dermatologists and support staff makes sure that your surgery is smooth and problem free.

It takes either one or more sessions depending on the area that is to be covered, and the experience of the surgeon performing the hair transplant in Mumbai. It is always import to consult a trained doctor before going in for the transplant. We suggest you to contact us first so that we can thoroughly analyze the hair and guide you to the right treatment approach. In many case we have solved the hair loss problem without the need for surgery. There are a number of surgeons in the city qualified to perform such a transplant. The numbers are still growing as more and more clients are opting for FUE over traditional methods. A majority of the clients have also giving positive feedback regarding this surgery.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE gives a very natural looking product as there are no linear incision at all. It does not leave a scar either unlike many other machines available in other clinics for hair transplant surgery in Mumbai. The FUE also comes with a host of other benefits.

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Benefits of Fue Hair Transplant

  • 1) The donor area from where the hair has been removed remains unaffected and in a normal condition after the entire process is completed, which is exactly what gives the entire process a natural look.
  • 2) This process is guaranteed to give you a flattering, natural hairline which looks realistic.
  • 3) The treatment done is performed without any major cuts or wounds on the heard.
  • 4) The pain is minimal to none, so there is no need for pain controlling medicines as such. You can drive home on the same day.


There is some misconception about FUE hair transplant in Mumbai floating around. In the strip surgery (FUT), there is a strip of hair bearing skin which is extracted from the back of the scalp and then, individual grafts are trimmed. It is then transferred to the receipted area of the scalp. The FUE technique comes with advantage as above compared to FUT and has visibly become the mode of choice. The hair becomes very natural give you the same bright radiant look in times to come.

Issues Overlooked While Counselling Patients:

  • Quality Control

    After the dissection of the strip it is passed on to a team of technicians. They trim the strip into individual grafts. This process relies solely on the technician handling it, so it is advisable to do a background check on the technician before the process.

  • Scarring

    Strip surgery can be extremely scarring, especially under untrained hands. Therefore, it is wise to decide carefully before opting for it.

  • After Treatment Care

    After treatment care sometime is not well explained to the patient. It is important to know what steps to take care of after the transplant is done for better and long lasting results

  • Quality of Grafts

    In FUT, the grafts extracted have follicles that have single or double hairs at times, which makes transplanting clunky. In FUE, the surgeon has control over the grafts, so he can work much quickly and effectively.

About Dr Ruby Tandon and the clinic

Dr. Ruby is one of the finest dermatologist and skin specialist in India. Having studied abroad in the US and UK, she has come back to India and has set up a permanent centre in Mumbai by the name Afterglow that has made a lot of difference in the lives of many individuals. She has treated many celebrities from TV and films, sportsperson, industrialists, and is consistently sought after in her many years of career in Mumbai. It is not only about these high profile treatments, but her humble and down to earth attitude coupled with a strong inner morale to help people and make significant positive difference in their lives through her services that has made her the best dermatologist in town. To know more about Dr. Ruby Tandon, click here. Afterglow has well trained staff and dermatology specialist who will give you the finest experience and service. The equipment are all state of the art embedded with latest technology and are continuously upgraded with the latest trends and development in the world in order to provide an enriching experience to the clients.