Mini Thread face Lift

The mini thread face lift is a cosmetic surgery that gives smoother and youthful skin. It lifts sagging face skin around the jawline, mid face and upper neck. A thread face lift works by lifting the cheeks and jowls gently,thus resulting in frim facial contours. The outcome is beautiful natural looking skin which enhances your appearance. Sagging of facial tissues due to aging is more noticeable on human face. The cheek tissue weakens, which results in loose skin. Individuals who experience mild to moderate sagging problem can consider undergoing the treatment.

Mini Thread Face Lift at Dr Ruby's Afterglow        

Process of Mini Thread Face Lift

The process is quite simple. Sedation or anaesthesia is used to tranquilize the person before the treatment takes place. Next, small incisions of 1-2mm are created at the hairline and ears. Special needles are inserted into the skin to put the suture threads. These threads are secured to the tissues underneath followed by the adjustment of threads to tighten skin in the desired manner. The result are smoothed face contours. Post thread face lift, the person may experience swelling and bruising which recovers quickly. The treatment is non-invasive and has no potential side effects. However certain precautions are mandatory. Wide facial movements, make-up and massages must be avoided for better results. Skin tightening improves blood circulation, boosts the production of collagen thus rejuvenating skin. It is a non-invasive facelift that reduces aging of the skin and stimulates the natural healing process.

Desiring candidates must choose qualified cosmetic surgeons for a thread lift to ensure maximum satisfaction. After the thread face lift treatment is over,the annoying aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles slow down. What you enjoy is a rejuvenated and elastic skin with a sheen.