No Needle Mesotherapy

Injection free mesotherapy is termed as no needle mesotherapy. It is an effective treatment for hair and skin rejuvenation resulting in healthy scalp and skin. It allows the growth solution to penetrate deeper layers of the scalp without the need of injection. When it comes to skin, the therapy stimulates the production of collagen cells to reduce wrinkles and improves skin tone. Also it enhances cell nourishment and detoxifies the skin to make it youthful. It is a viable option to the painful needle therapy.

How does the therapy work?

Active ingredients are delivered into the hair using pulsed low frequency electric current. These ingredients are sent into the middle layer of derma. The hair cells absorb the essential nutrients and nourish the cell membranes. Active ingredients include a mix of the human growth hormone and some herbal extracts. Vitamin C or hyaluronic acid is added to the mix for better hair quality. The hyaluronic acid helps maintain firmness of hair and reduces brittleness. Ultrasound vibrations help the skin to absorb the ingredients effectively.

Benefits of No Needle Mesotherapy:

  • It has a great exfoliating effect and opens the blocked pores leaving a radiant hair.
  • The micro massage caused by the ultrasound vibration activates the inactive cells.
  • The collagen production is stimulated by the induced blood circulation. This reduces the fine lines and wrinkles giving glowing skin.
  • The treatment promotes the new cell growth and is also one of the best anti-ageing treatments.

You must visit our clinic for an initial consultation. Dr Ruby will recommend the number of treatments sessions required for beautiful hair appearance. No needle mesotherapy also gives optimal results for skin especially when accompanied with treatments such as Botox and glycolic facial peel.

Now experience no pain while getting injection. Our no needle mesotherapy machine will inject hair regrowth cocktails into your scalp without the pain associated with normal injections.

Avail of this revolutionary treatment today.