The Plasma Rich Plasma Therapy is a unique hair restoration therapy for the individuals who experience hair loss. This surgical therapeutic option stimulates the hair growth for different kinds of hair loss for skin and scalp. The medical procedure is performed by expert physicians using high-end technology. The PRP has been embraced as the best medical treatment for wound and skin healing. It is a promising treatment for various fields such as cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery oral surgery and hair loss.

A Simple Process and Procedure

  • Obtaining and utilizing PRP is a relatively simple process: a patient's own blood is placed into a centrifuge that rotates at high speed.
  • This procedure separates the red blood cells from the platelets, which are blood cells that release growth factors that help the body heal itself.
  • Next, the physician takes the platelet-rich portion of this blood (PRP) and injects it directly into the patient's scalp and the treatment is complete.

PRP Hair Regrowth        

How does the PRP work?

The human blood comprises of the mesenchymal stem cells and autologous blood components. These cells are responsible for tissue regeneration and restoration.

Appropriate blood testing of the individual is performed as the initial stage. Next blood is taken and whirled to high concentration in a centrifuge machine. During this process the PRP is disarticulated and completely removed from the blood. The blood platelets are concentrated to three times the value of normal blood.

The patient is tranquilized using anaesthesia to ensure that he does not feel pain. The thickened platelet rich plasma is inoculated into the scalp. Later the hair is washed. The injected PRP stimulates the growth of hair follicles by activating the implanted hair follicles. Undergoing a PRP surgery is completely a personal decision. The patients must consider and consult the physicians before getting the surgery. PRP is natural and safe process. The cells are taken from the scalp and then injected back to the person. Thus there is no risk of getting blood infection from other fellow humans. However the PRP therapy results vary from person to person.

If you are looking for hair restoration surgery the PRP therapy is highly recommendable. If you need some extra hair stimulation or want to get rid of thinning hair, PRP gives you thick and voluminous hair. Take us appointment with us and at Afterglow, we will ensure the best treatment gets given to you after thorough evaluation for optimum results.