Rohhit VermaFashion Designer

"Well, Let me tell you first of all why I am glowing these days, The secret to that is Dr. Ruby's Magic!! and trust me there is no love or anything that sort but that's my favourite Dr.Ruby who gave me reason to smile. For all you people out there,if you want to look good and want to be the center of attraction everywhere than please visit her clinic AFTERGLOW once."

Vikram Bhatt Film Director

I have never understood why they call doctors healthcare specialists, health yes but care? Not many waste too much time on that part of the term. I was always convinced that, that was the way it was until I visited afterglow and Dr Ruby Tandon. I understood what it meant to care because that is what they specialize in. Care! They care and give you care! Dr Ruby Tandon defines a healthcare specialist quite easily

Giriraj KabraActor

I have been to alot of skin doctors but no one has ever understood my problems or treated my skin to my satisfaction the way Dr. Ruby Tandon has. I always suffered from dull skin and she has completely transformed me. She would care enough to give me time and explain every question in my mind with utmost patience. She's truly gifted and I would personally recommend her to anyone I know who is suffering from hair or skin problems. The clinic is equipped with the latest hair and skin machines and her staff too is extremely sweet trained and patient. She's the best skin doctor ever.

Resshmi GhoshActress

Five years ago when I first met Dr. Ruby Tandon I was fascinated by the stunning NRI beauty. Little did I know that there was an even more beautiful person within, - so helpful and down to earth. and that she was going to touch my life in such a way. My treatment under her has been nothing short of a miracle. Over the years she has worked wonders for my hair, skin and body.
I realize the magic is possible because this doctor's only dream and drive is to make every individual, man or woman, more beautiful through her extremely sound knowledge in medicine. I would have never believed that all she has done for me would be possible if I had not really experienced the results myself.

Abha Maryada BanerjeeFounder and Chief Mentor of SUCCESS INDIA

From the latest machines to the most updated information, Dr. Ruby Tandon's AfterGlow is a state of the art clinic! Great results in great company. Dr.Ruby herself is a keen student of people and takes personal interest in each client. Not just she is beautiful outside, she is splendid within, Her knowledge, understanding, compassion and generosity all shine through..No wonder, after you meet her, you will glow...That is why 'AfterGlow'"
Thanks Dr. Ruby! Virtual and long distance hugs to you

Rohit SharmaCricketer

I've been at Dr. Ruby's Afterglow few times and I truly have seen amazing results. Her methods are non invasive and I have a great comfort coming to Dr. Ruby's Afterglow staff and their service is excellent. Thank you Dr. Ruby Tandon.

Ratika GuptaF&B Manager

I am a client of Weightloss & Skin, i have lost 10 kgs of my weight and have got rid of my scar on my face in a very effective manner,there is much to love about the clinic:the teams professionalism,their friendliness,the latest face saving technology,but what is rare & special about the clinic is the trust i have in them that they will look after me & most of all make me look fabulous.

Sapna Nambiar

It was a really nice experience with Dr. Ruby's Afterglow. Worth the money. Impressive staff. And Dr. Ruby is the best. She is just magical. And very happy. Thank you And I'm very happy after the treatments...