Tummy Tuck

Abdominal skin that sags, droops and bulges can often benefit from a little lift. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) can do this. The procedure tightens droopy abdominal skin and repairs the stretched, bulging abdominal muscles in the midsection. It also removes a limited amount of excess fatty tissue. This all provides a tighter, flatter, more youthful abdominal contour and waistline.

Exercising and dieting can't remove a tummy pouch that is caused by a lifetime of weight fluctuations, pregnancy or genetic factors. The body changes greatly after pregnancy, leading to sagging skin, stretch marks and even muscle separation on the abdomen.

But a tummy tuck is not only for women; it can benefit healthy men with excessive abdominal fat and loose abdominal skin. Individual conditions vary and for that reason there are several different tummy tuck techniques to help each individual achieve a flatter, trimmer, more youthful waistline.

At Afterglow we help you get rid of those extra fats on your tummy and strive to give you the desire results by using various Liposuction technique that we have newly introduced in our clinic.